Ms. Sender first developed an appreciation for art growing up around her grandparents' fine art collection in Kansas City, Missouri. While in high school, two influential art teachers sensed her artistic potential and encouraged her to develop her talent. Her teacher Mr. Wright entered her drawings in several national art competitions. The drawings earning her two Gold Key Scholastic regional awards, and one Gold Key Scholastic national award.

Juliet continued to pursue art while in college at Kansas State. She also pursued architecture and science classes. After graduating college she was still uncertain what to do with her future. Juliet was approached by several modeling agencies so she decided to move to Chicago to pursue a modeling career which gave her the flexibility to pursue different interests while in search of her true passion..

In June of 1999, Juliet was selected to be one of the Artists to paint a life size fiberglass cow for the Chicago public Art Display entitled "Cows on Parade." As she began painting again, Juliet realized how much she had missed picking up a paint brush and had found her true passion. Her "Cowbeille De Fruit" (a bowl of fruit) was voted number six in the Tribune's Best cow competition out of 350 bovines. As for Ms. De Fruit's final grazing place, Oprah Winfrey purchased her for $36,000.00, the 13th highest bid at the live auctions.

Juliet's art work has since been featured in exhibitions at , the Art Institute, WAG Gallery, Michael Levy Gallery, Maison Rouge, UP Gallery, & a solo exhibit at Malovat Gallery. You can view more of Juliet's work at her web-site